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International Express
Basa International is mainly engaged in the global international express business development and services, providing customers with secure, controlled, cost-effective international logistics solutions. In recent years, Basa International through the integration of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan, the airport's air resources, and DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS-depth cooperation in various forms, has been serving the freight forwarding industry peers, co-forwarders throughout the country, step ranks the industry's largest service providers of the column, the industry has high visibility.

International Private Leased
Basa IPLC Services: Through the integration of global resources courier, the goods in the country concentrated sorting, loading direct flights from overseas agents in the local complete the clearance and local delivery. Our services cover a wide range of International Private Leased, aging fast, flexible operation, suitable for transporting high-value, high time-sensitive items, and most of the region until remote area surcharge.

International parcel
Basa international parcel business is our cooperation with China Post, carried out in an international postal parcel business services, China Post air parcel belonging to the category, is an economical type of international express mail services. It includes China Post registered, China Post surface both services. Chinese postal packets and Hong Kong International parcel service for small items, like airmail products can arrive postal outlets around the world. It is our cross-border e-commerce as a professional logistics provider for e-commerce services provided by the seller has a comprehensive and affordable postal program.

International Air Transport
Basa International air freight agents at the national level, the main agent Shanghai / Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Guangzhou three places to the world of international air services. Valuables carrier experienced, dominant airline routes are as follows: A South American line: AA-American Airlines, QF-Australian aviation, LA-Chile Airlines, BA-British Airways, KL-KLM Royal Dutch Airlines; (2) Canada Line: AA-American Airlines, UPS-United Parcel Service Airlines, BR-EVA Airways; 3 in the East: EK-Emirates Airline, SV-Saudi Arabia Airlines, QR-Qatar Airways, SA-South African Airways, EY-Crystal Emirates Airlines; 4 European line: SQ-Singapore Airlines, AY-Finnair, CX-Cathay Pacific Airways, KE-Korean Air, EK-Emirates Airline, CZ-China Southern Airlines; 5 Southeast line: CX-Cathay Pacific Airways, TG-Thai Airways, 9W-India Jet Airways.
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